Best Affiliate Marketing Niches for Passive online Income

Best Affiliate Marketing Niches 2020: What’s going on guys welcome back to another article. In today’s article, I’m going to go over some of my favorite filling and marketing niches that I’ve been involved in over at the last few years. I know that you know when you tried to start to make money online. You don’t know where to start you, don’t know what niches to start and that’s exactly where. When I started doing this and I tested this and it failed tested that and it failed.

So what I want to do is tell you the ones that have worked for me. tell you pretty much the best affiliate marketing niches to jump into right now and these will work for a really long time to hopefully save you the hassle of failing and failing as I did because we didn’t have content like this to watch when I was starting.

Best Affiliate Marketing Niches for Passive online Income:

Affiliate Marketing Niches for Passive online Income

So it was very hard to find stuff that worked. I want to go through step by step and explain to you why these are good. Which ones make you the best money and kind of how to do it. how to actually make money with these niches and if you stayed at the end of the article guys.

In this post, I’m going to show you the best affiliate marketing niches for 2020 and this is especially for you. If you are a beginner and you never picked a niche before because picking the wrong niche can be extremely painful. Let’s say you pick the wrong niche you stick with it and you’ll work for six months with a lot of time effort and money. Then you got nothing to show for it. just because you pick the wrong niche now that’s not going to happen hopefully because you watch this article and you pick one of these niches.

I’m about to show you Best Affiliate Marketing Niches and you’ll never have that mistake. So my name is Nil. I’m a full-time affiliate marketer. Some of you know that I tried for two years doing the wrong niche and what I did was a lot of hard work effort and time. Lot of brainpower and ended up to stressing me so much that I just said like freak this website freak this01:22niche freak all my social media accounts01:27I’m gonna start all the way from scratch01:30in a completely new niche and that’s what I did and in picking the right niche within a few months.

Health Wealth and Relationship: 

I was already being profitable but listen this will take time money and effort. If you want to find something that’s easier than an affiliate marketing easiest test you do just like 99% of the world and get a job. It’s a lot easier there’s a lot less stress. I only freak with people that are the top 1% and because you’re watching an article about affiliate marketing.

Now I wanted to start off with the evergreen niches and the evergreen niches are health wealth and relationships and the reason they’re called evergreen is that there’s like core human needs. It’s something that has been around since humans humankind were just infants like for example wealth not in the sort of money but you can trade goods and all this.

Then you have health well the older you get. Everyone wants to be more healthy and better-looking. We’re going to like beauty and makeup and wellness and supplements and stuff like that. Then you have relationships well if you’re in a tribe you really want to have a great relationship with the people that you’re surrounding yourself.

A modern-day relationship comes down to helping men get laid or helping women get laid them. There’s a lot of books in the self-help. I want to break them down even further and even give you a couple of side categories.

Health Niche:

Best Affiliate Marketing Niches Within these let’s start with health and here you have very big categories like beauty, makeup supplements, weight loss, and even0 bodybuilding. So obviously there are more but as you can see from these you get a wide category. So when we’re talking about beauty and makeup there’s definitely more subcategories like that. It’s all about making yourself look very good like putting on makeup is making yourself look very good.

With supplements, it could be making yourself look good. It could also be to stimulate brainpower or that you need some sort of vitamins or minerals or even pain cream or stuff like that and with weight loss you obviously have tons of different stuff.

Everybody wants to lose weight and then I wrote bodybuilding and not meaning just bodybuilding, I mean and exercise regimes and different workout programs in weight loss. We could also have like diet plans diet stuff but to kind of get all of it into a little circle, it’s all about becoming more0 healthy and more attractive having shiny0 or here losing weight and all of this stuff that our core needs. Every human it’s like constantly thinking about losing weight.

Wealth Niche:

Now we go into wealth. Wealth is always around making people money. If you can make anyone more money you’re in the wealth category. Some of the best niches that you have in the wealth category could be real estate investing you could also have to invest like stocks and bonds for the long term. Then you can also have day trading where you’re trading daily for getting people to the money and stuff like that.

You could also do like me where I sell a course on How to do affiliate marketing great niche to be in because there’s a lot of problems in affiliate marketing. You also have courses like Amazon FBA Shopify consulting. Again this is all about different ways to make people more wealthy it’s always going to be something that will stick around.

Relationship Niche:

The last niche that I’m very fascinated in and I’ve just started a new affiliate marketing business around this niche relationship. I’m not gonna say which specific one. It is but this can be maybe you want to help people or guys get girls. You want to help girls get guys maybe you want to empower self-help and getting better. A stronger relationship with yourself maybe you want to do it with your kids. Maybe you want to do it with your spouse. So, it’s about having a better relationship with yourself, your friends, your family, your wife, and sort of things like that. I find it extremely fascinating now let’s take it away from the evergreen niches and go into more specific niches that I really enjoy.

Tech Niche:

The first one that I enjoy is tech so you’ve been around now for probably a couple of different years. You’ve still seen new phones coming out you still see new laptops you see there’s still seeing more cameras and more expensive gear come out.

This is such an amazing niche because there are so many gadgets coming out. There’s so much new tech and it’s very easy to stay on top of it because there’s always thought two things to talk about for example the new iPhone just came out and you can be talking about stuff like. If you’re passionate about things in tech. If you’re passionate about tech but also because It’s one of the most profitable niches.

Photos and Videos accessories:

The second niche that I want to talk to you about is photos and videos. So here you have a big variety of things that you can do to promote affiliate programs. You also have that kind of tech-related aspect as well which is the camera equipment, the audio recruitment that you have software’s to film your screens. Software to do live-streaming all the stuff that can help.

For example, content creators Photoshop tutorials and all of this stuff that is more into like creative things but the reason this is such a good niche is that cameras and camera equipment, sound equipment, and all this stuff is quite expensive.

I was looking at this new camera the other day the Canon EOS R0 which is an in itself a $3,000 low camera and then you need a lens which is another $2,000 so right here you’re sitting on this camera that’s five thousand dollars and if you sell a five thousand dollar camera you’re gonna get a big Commission for that the third niche.

Hosting Affiliate programs:

Blue host is a website hosting company and then get a response which is email automation software and the reason. I like this niche so much is because there’s actually software. It’s not an information product or a physical item it’s a monthly reoccurring software that they have to pay for monthly and when you talk about an email autoresponder.

I’m also going to make more Commissions every single month. If they upgrade and keep staying on this software’s which is so so incredible. I can get monthly recurring income coming in for a long long time even people signed up to click funnels about eight months ago now in Feb of this year are still on click funnels.

Celebrity Wearing Dress and Cloths:

Celebrities are wearing expensive dresses and cloth. Everyone needs to know where to buy similar clothes like that. I know that isn’t a very good strategy. If you become a personality and you get an audience you can do like a shopping hall where you basically go around shopping. Then you say if you want to buy any of these clothes go and get me a link in the description man stupid so that are the best affiliate marketing niches to do in 2020 let me know what you think about them in the comments down below which niche are you most interested in and passionate about yourself going into. I really want to know in the comments below but if you want more affiliate marketing training you can get my course passive affiliate system.

Thank You.

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