How to Download google chrome for Windows and Android

Google Chrome: Hey guys in this article I’m going to explain to you Google Chrome Download procedure and how you can download and install Google Chrome on your Windows 7, Windows 10, and Android. So let’s get started.

Google Chrome Download for Windows 10 operating system – Chrome Extension for Android:

How to download google chrome for Windows and Android

If you go back to Chrome Beta the tip here is to go top right and you can see downloads. Then you’ve got all of your downloads listed really nicely not only that what you can do is. You can ask before the files are saved and where to save them. You’ll notice that my default is in its download you know emulated download location. This is the really nice one is that when you hit downloads at the top left you’ve got all downloads pages video audio images documents and others.

I particularly like the odd time that I’ve downloaded an image and actually forgotten about it wherever. I’ve you know found it from because you can easily find it as opposed to looking in your own device downloads.

These get confused for me because I put a lot of files in that download if it’s the same one through USB cable. So just to a double check here what we can do is get off of beta to see that we can also use Chrome. Remember you can run chrome and Chrome Beta on the same device very easily and then top right menu downloads. You can see depending on what I’ve actually used is, what I’ve actually saved and you can see there are no images that I’ve actually saved in chrome. Chrome Beta is the one I use all the time browsing.

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Google Chrome Download for Windows PC:

  • So, first, open your browser in your PC and search for Chrome English.
  • Then press Enter and the first link hopefully which will appear here will be from
  • So just click on that link and then on the next page which shows you to download chrome for Windows.
  • I’m going to just click download chrome.
  • Then I will just accept license terms and conditions and then press this button. To accept an installation button and once this chrome setup.exe file is downloaded.
  • We are going to run it and I’m going to minimize the browser. Now here, it will ask do you want to allow this app to make changes on your PC. I will just press yes and now the installation of Google Chrome will start. So you don’t need to do anything Google Chrome will be installed automatically.
  • So just wait for this process to complete and now I can see this icon is created on my desktop which is Google Chrome icon and now after installation this.
  • Google Chrome is also opened on my Windows 10 operating system. So now I can start using Google Chrome on my Windows10 operating system. Now once Google Chrome is installed on your Windows 10 operating system let me show you how you can make your browser as your default browser. So for that, you just need to click on your Windows icon here and now click settings.
  • Under settings just click system and under system just choose this option which says are default apps and in the default apps, you just need to scroll down a little where it says web browser.
  • Then just choose Google Chrome from here so just choose Google Chrome instead of Microsoft Edge and then close your settings right.
  • So this will make your Google Chrome as your default browser.
  • Now let me show you how you can pin your Google Chrome to your taskbar here at the bottom right. So first just open your Google Chrome web browser. Once it’s open you just need to right-click on this icon and then just choose pin to taskbar.
  • This will pin your Google Chrome icon to your taskbar right. So once you close your Google Chrome you can see this You can remain so you can directly click on this icon and open Google Chrome once again.

Google Chrome Extension for Android Smartphone Mobile:

  • Now, I will tell you how to install Google Chrome extensions on your Android device.
  • The Chrome extensions do not support Google Chrome browser for Android as of now but you can install it on a third-party browser to do.
  • So first you need to download the Yandex browser for Android once downloaded you can directly search for Chrome Web Store or visit the official website
  • It is taking a little time to load now I have searched for Chrome Web Store open Chrome Web Store. Now once the web store is open search for your favorite extension.
  • Now here you will see an option add to Chrome.
  • Click on it you will be shown a pop-up box ad extension now download. The extension started the will be downloaded in background and automatically added to your browser.
  • To check you can click on three dots in the bottom right corner.
  • Now here you can see there are options for extensions.
  • Click on it and here you have seen that similar web has been installed as you can see the second option similar web is installed.
  • Similarly, you can install as many web extensions on Yandex browser

Bottom Line – Google chrome is the world’s Largest surfing browser.

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