How to create google form in few steps

Google Forms: Hey guys and welcomes back to a different technology article. So in today’s article, I’m going to be giving you a full tutorial on How to create google form and an overview of how to use Google Forms to create great-looking and very use full and efficient forms that you can send out via email.

You can send via links or however you would like to try to it but How to create google form is a part of the Google Docs suite. It’s the free suite of applications that Google allows you to figure with beat sync in unison together with your Google Drive.

How to Create Google Form – [How to Create Google doc Form] 

How to Create Google Form

Things like that to navigate over to where you’ll start making forms within Google’s forms page. Here just go ahead and continue over to Google then all you will need to try to be simply look for Google Forms.

Complete Procedure for creating google form:

  • To create google form, you need to go to your drive and click on the new scroll down to more button options.
  • Then slide over to Google Forms. This will start the process well the first thing you need to do is to title this form.
  • I’m using this to collect Health Report, So I’m going to title it Health Reports.
  • You can give a description if you like here as well.
  • Now you can also title it up in the top or just click.
  • It will just show up very quickly the first thing I want to do my first question is I’m going to click on the untitled question.
  • I want that question to be my client’s name. So I can just change that there now it automatically set as to default is multiple-choice.
  • I don’t want their name question. So I’m going to click on multiple-choice on the right and then change it to a short answer.
  • I’m also going to make this a required question by clicking this little slide button over now. I want to do the second question I’m going to add a question and this one is going to be all right.
  • So, I want to make sure these are a very young client who will be filling out this form. I want to be sure that their share settings for their digital portfolio are open that anyone can view otherwise this isn’t going to work.
  • We also don’t want it to be a multiple-choice question. I want it to be a short answer and again because they’re Young clients.
  • We are going to do this one extra feature. I’m going to click over here on these three dots on a corner and click data validation.
  • I’m going to select instead of a number and going to select text and it contains a URL now in case the client put in the wrong URL it will send an error message and look.
  • I can even customize that error message so that they’ll do it again now. I’m going to make this a required question as well.
  • Now you can keep going you can change you know add different things like add images and add a video. You can add a section and get really fancy but the form is really quick.
  • It’s for a project we’re doing at the top when I’m ready to send this. I want to be sure I have the settings.
  • Now right now only anyone who is signed in to their account can fill out this form. But if you want to change that you didn’t click on anyone can respond and again check all of these little settings
  • Then click Save when I’m ready to send or share this form, I can click on this link button here and I can either have this long link or I can shorten the link.
  • Copy it and copy like this and then I’m ready to go. I open this in another tab and I could paste this in there’s my form ready to go.
  • One last thing I want to show you if you want to make it look a little nicer you can click on the color palette you can change any of the colors to it or you can get some images by clicking on the bottom square.
  • There’re tons to choose from lots of different categories. So, if I wanted to collect select this one this is what it would look like you know just kind of changes to that the other thing you can do.
  • I just want to point out you can insert and upload your own photos. It’s a very quick way to make forms when you want to see your responses you just click on responses. They’ll show here or you can see them in spreadsheet form right here.
  • You’ve got the forms that you’ve got done here and you’ll sort your forms put them in folders all from within this page.

End up Message:

Here I hope you guys found How to create google form is valuable. Look, I am the owner of the Here I do technology content every day helping you create technology easier I do fun reviews various things like that this channel may be a batch of knowledge subscribe to the website, share it with your friends and family and as always guys thank you so much for watching my article and I will see you guys in the next one.

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