How to download google input tools – Very Easy

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How to download google input tools for Windows PC:

How to download google input tools

  • Today in my article I show you how to download and install the Google Input tool and language path to your computer.

Google input tools Download

  • First I’ll search for Google input tool offline download
  • Various search results show in a browser that you use for search.
  • Then select the Google input tool offline installer.
  • Open that website to see your downloading link on that website.
  • Download two different Files of the Google input tool.
  • Open it that you can find all 22 languages and basic now download fit up a file for Google input tools and language package alike all pedophiles can download through Google Drive.
Download Google Input from this Website

Download Google Input Offline

Google input tools Install:

  • Here I have already downloaded files and one more language package it cut and paste these files from downloaded location to my software.
  • Now let’s start to install first install by double-click on the file. then wait till finish installation.
  • Let’s check it there any changes in the notification are still nothing now Install any of the language path SEC LLL install Sinhalese.
  • So now you can see something appear in the notification area it’s now more than English next I’ll install another language pack sandal pack also finish the installation.
  • So now let’s check how to use these languages in the commuter ad example.
  • We’ll start notepad select your language as you like just type great so you can use any language in your computer with a slow easy setup.
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